Radiowaves Welcome Pack

Radiowaves is a free and safe online environment for primary and secondary schools and pupils to share vidoes, podcasts, stories and photos (basically a cross between facebook and youtube but more secure). They needed a way to welcome new schools to the network and provide them with all the relevant information on how to get started. The whole pack was condensed into a C6 envelope and mailed out with various flyers on specific topics such as training and equipment, it also includes compliments slip, mini business cards, pin badges and stickers. The concept behind the work was to make to potentially daunting online world more accessible and tangible to technophobic teachers. The design uses several of the icons from the website in a large out of context manner. The type style is based around highlighted text on screen. A lot of work was put into the tone voice, making the information fun, relevant and digestible while remaining professional when talking of serious issues such as child safety online. The whole thing was printed on uncoated paper to make it feel more tactile and friendly.